SurePact’s Document Management Makes for More Success Deliveries

Inaccurate data and lack of documents represents a whopping 55% of claims!

“The SurePact system facilitates communication and ensures that everyone is working off the same issues and solutions, in real-time, both back in the office and in the field, saving time and shortening turnaround of issue resolution”. Michael Geoghegan, Director, Northern Civil Solutions

No-one who is in project or contract management loves sitting behind the desk; we love to build things! We love to see a plan come together and take pride in delivering quality infrastructure that benefits our towns and cities. We enjoy driving past something that we have built and showing them off to our family and friends….things we have built that shape our communities.

Having said that, there is no way out of the fact that construction documentation is an unavoidable part of the job. In fact, the dreaded part, but definitely integral and one that is crucial to get right.

One mistake in a single document can lead to costly mistakes in execution. SurePact helps manage those documents in an efficient, organised way to help run a successful delivery.

SurePact’s solution not only provides collaborative risk profiling capability for any level of delivery but our solution also delivers a suite of required legislative documents completed concurrently with the risk profiling and made available for all parties to gain access immediately.

Imagine completing your project setup and risk profile in less than 30mins, even this is a significant outcome. Then imagine having completed your Project Management Plan, Project OH&S Plan and sent them all off or review and approval at the same time. Now imagine the same for each of the contract deliveries within that project, but now you have completed your risk profiling compliance, Contract Management Plan, Contract OH&S Plan, Contract closeout report underway and any grant management plans…..You have just initiated and in some cases finalised a significant amount of documentation in a total of approximately 1 hour and all required stakeholders have visibility!

SurePact is providing substantial outcomes for all clients with its solution by digitising document delivery and management by:

· Standardising document delivery in an extremely time efficient way

· Giving up to 20% more time efficiency in the field

· Centralising all documentation in one place

· Updates being completed across all documents immediately

· Providing full transparency and access to documents

SurePact’s solution is alleviating a lot of pain by creating unified documents that everyone can access and can be updated anywhere on any device ensuring that there are less headaches and less room for inaccurate documentation.

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