Grantmakers, rejoice: SurePact’s Funding Body Solution is here


SurePact has launched a grant management software platform for funding bodies. Explore all the latest features for grantmakers.

SurePact is proud to announce the launch of its latest product – a comprehensive grant management software platform for grantmakers.

Building upon our established platform for funding recipients, this cutting-edge solution is set to redefine how funding bodies navigate the entire grant lifecycle, from initial fund allocation to comprehensive outcomes reporting. 

Here’s an in-depth look at the features of this new platform and what sets it apart from the competition.

How it works: Transforming the funding process for grantmakers

SurePact’s grant management software is designed to simplify interactions between grantmakers and funding recipients, creating a whole new level of efficiency in fund allocation and management. 

In its latest iteration, SurePact allows grantmakers to consolidate all of their funding programs into a single, accessible platform. This approach brings full transparency and auditability to the forefront, instilling confidence in every decision-making process. 

“Grantmakers and recipients can now channel their limited resources towards advancing the achievement of better outcomes in funding programs,” says Adrian Warren, SurePact’s Head of Sales. “By capitalising on productivity gains, they can also free up their people to focus on higher value tasks.” 

Since its inception in 2017, SurePact has played a pivotal role in assisting local and state governments, private entities, higher education institutions and non-profit enterprises to foster improved governance and transparent reporting on the funding they receive. 

However, under the leadership of Chief Executive Daniel Pritchard, it soon became apparent to SurePact’s product team that there were lingering challenges, particularly in the way funding recipients expressed interest, received funding and, most importantly, reported on the outcomes achieved with that funding.

With multiple processes scattered across numerous platforms, there has been a distinct lack of clarity around fund allocation and outcomes delivery. This was echoed by both funding bodies and recipients, who longed for a streamlined system that ensured funds were reaching the right people and were being used effectively. 

“We saw that we could expand the functionality of our platform to better support funding bodies and improve the process for funders and recipients alike,” Adrian said.

One of the standout features of the platform is its ability to offer real-time visibility of outcomes, offering grantmakers invaluable insights into the profound impact of their funding.

“For grantmakers, effective grant management means steering the allocation, distribution and use of funds to optimally serve the community’s needs.”

Adrian is particularly enthusiastic about the platform’s streamlined interaction between funders and recipients, saying, “The funding bodies we work with are excited to witness real-time, detailed insights into the outcomes delivered with the funding they distribute. 

“These programs are all about the impact they can deliver, after all.”

A screenshot of SurePact's grant management software for funding programs

A modern approach to grant management

SurePact’s latest grant management software platform represents a significant leap forward in grant management. In a landscape where many cloud-based SaaS platforms fall short in terms of user-friendliness and modernity, SurePact stands out as a fresh interaction between grantmakers and recipients.  

“Many funding bodies still rely on outdated systems that fail to support ongoing interactions between funders and recipients, especially in terms of reporting, variations, acquittals, and tracking tangible outcomes,” Adrian said.

“The major challenge lies in the fact that existing systems typically stop at selecting the recipients of a program. They don’t allow for any ongoing interaction between the funder and the recipient.”

SurePact bridges this gap, offering a user-friendly, modern interface that enables seamless grantmaker-recipient interactions throughout the entire grant lifecycle.

At its core, SurePact champions continuous improvement, driven by customer feedback and a product development advisory group that includes industry representatives.

The software has been meticulously crafted in consultation with experts in the Australian grants landscape, ensuring it remains relevant and effective for its clients.

A vision fuelled by impact

The genesis of SurePact’s latest platform update can be traced to its resounding success in supporting local government programs. The company recognised the challenges faced by funding recipients in its engagements with funding bodies, including issues with expressing interest, receiving funding and reporting outcomes.

By expanding its platform to support funding bodies, SurePact aims to enhance the entire process, making it significantly more efficient and effective for both funders and recipients.

A screenshot of SurePact's Book a Demo page

Experience the transformation

For organisations eager to experience the transformative power of SurePact’s grant management software firsthand, the company is offering a simple and effective solution – a complimentary 30-minute one-on-one demo

This opportunity allows prospective users to explore the platform’s capabilities and envisage how it can transform their grant management processes.

To unlock the full potential of SurePact, we encourage you to engage with the team and experience the transformation it can bring to your grant management processes.


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