SurePact’s pivot for a Grant Management System Virtual Launch reaches 2 countries and 4 states nationally

SurePact is completely in awe of the exceptional speakers who yesterday, participated in their digital pivot to launch the new Grant Management Solution module across 2 countries and 4 states nationally!

Our keynote speaker, Leanne Kemp, QLD Chief Entrepreneur, skilfully wove optimism into her speech, commenting that our times are almost ‘Churchillian’ in nature with this being “our finest hour” for growth as a people, an economy and individuals.

Leanne continued, “Success often comes from a crisis. It’s a precious opportunity for digital companies”. Stirring us to action indeed!

Megan Avard

We can’t thank Dr Sarah Pearson, our Special Guest Speaker, enough for her thought-provoking introduction and support of SurePact and our Grant Management Solution. Dr Pearson, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development, shared her satisfaction with the work being done through DITID in the Indigenous space, working to co-design and collaborate with the tech ecosystem and communities. Finishing with the thoughts that with crisis comes opportunity – as humans, what will we value and how will we do things differently?

Our unqualified thanks also go to our constant supporters and clients, Leon Yeatman, CEO of Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council (ASC) and Anne Boundy, Technical Services Officer from Aurukun Shire Council. Their genuine and thoughtful talks were enlightening, and we are hopeful they help open the dialogue within your organisations for how we can help you also.

Finally, Michael O’Reilly, our Next World Enterprises Virtual Reality extraordinaire! Thank you for sharing the wonderful program. We are delighted to have you partnering with SurePact to roll out the pilot to Cloncurry Shire Council and Yarrabah ASC. This pilot will manage. Safety Training through virtual reality. The headset trial by the QLD Chief Entrepreneur, Leanne Kemp, was a sight to behold (watch this space later in the week for videos and posts on the VR experience, launch highlights and more!).

If our launch has triggered a desire to learn more about the SurePact Grant Management Solution, or any other part of our offering, please contact Megan at or phone 0414 492 882

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