Progress report: An update from CurryPM on the Flood Warning Infrastructure Network Program

Throughout the year we have been checking in with CurryPM, who is working to deliver part of the largest federally funded infrastructure network in Australia – the Queensland Flood Warning Infrastructure Network (FWIN) Program.

This work kicked off in November 2020 with a desktop study to analyse existing flood warning infrastructure and identify high priority locations requiring additional flood warning infrastructure capability. This was used as a starting point to map out all the project sites and access points.

FWIN flood waters

The program has come a long way since then and CurryPM, with the help of SurePact, is well on its way to delivering life-saving technology to its 12 Council areas by 30 June 2022.

FWIN comprises three main areas of operation – AO1, AO2 and AO3 – which will assist the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), Councils, emergency services and communities to produce better outcomes and potentially save lives by alerting communities of impending weather events. 

CurryPM has been tasked with the delivery of AO1, which consists of Council areas in North West Queensland from the South Australian border, to the Gulf, to the Northern Territory border and across the Great Dividing Range.

The scale and size of this project brings with it a level of complexity that CurryPM is navigating with the help of SurePact, which reduces risks, creates transparency and accessibility and stores information, alongside many other benefits.

“We have been hard at work to deliver the FWIN program in AO1. This involves performing suitable flood warning infrastructure upgrades to the most appropriate locations throughout flood-impacted areas, making improvements to BOM services to support primary producers and communities, and preparing a range of assets to support the availability of stronger information, including the use of flood cameras at strategic locations,” CurryPM Project Manager Frank Plozza says.

“AO1 is a much larger area than the other locations, covering some 35% of Queensland, and as such has more ground to cover, more Shires to deal with, and more contracts to manage. 

“It is a complex logistical project at a glance, with the remoteness of the sites playing a major part in handling and managing risk. Breaking it down into localities for the delivery separates the complexity. And, as they say, how do you build a house? ‘One brick at a time.’ Managing specific deliverables within all 12 Councils has been simplified and streamlined with SurePact, giving us the ability to mitigate risks across the entire project.”

CurryPM has been tasked with installing a total of 67 flood warning assets to benefit the 12 Councils within its project area and has just awarded a contract to Qteq Pty Ltd to work on rolling this out. 

“Our most recent development has been awarding the contract to Qteq Pty Ltd and we are currently finalising the contract details. I have been able to upload draft copies of the contract into SurePact, where they can be accessed for a final review,” Plozza says.

Regarding project deliveries so far Plozza lists:

  • Working through Cultural Heritage with Shires for site clearances
  • Compiling a Reserve List, which has involved liaising with Councils and QRA
  • The contract has been awarded to Qteq, who has also won the other two regions of AO2 and AO3.
  • Qteq is engaging with the long lead time items and with subcontractors

Within these deliveries SurePact has acted as a support in a multitude of ways and Plozza foresees these benefits increasing as the project progresses.

“So far SurePact has been key in capturing risks, managing processes, storing documents such as BOM ID Forms, Dial before U Dig Results and TMR corridor information and uploading budgets and draft contracts,” Plozza says.

“Using SurePact will also continue to help us move forward by providing transparency to all the Shires involved so that they can view their individual FWIN position, providing an overview of all deliverables allowing us to monitor risks and review and adjust our strategies accordingly, and giving us the ability to deliver reports on the status of each project that managers can easily access.

“A primary benefit of SurePact is having everything organised within a secure location in a traceable, clear and transparent way. This really allows us to manage and mitigate risks before they get out of hand.

“It is incredibly beneficial to have one system in place that provides an auditable project document trail that captures everything from final contracts to spending and everything in between.”