WaterStart – What happens in Vegas…

This month SurePact CEO Megan Avard flew to Las Vegas, Nevada as one of three Queensland business leaders invited to participate in WaterStart’s industry exclusive Channels for Innovation Summit.

The program will allow Megan to present the SurePact software to major US water agencies and members of WaterStart’s global network, and to develop opportunities for expanding SurePact into the US. Meeting with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance and Chamber of Commerce has also provided SurePact with a solid base of contacts for expansion opportunities. Additionally, WaterStart’s US Deputy Director, Rebecca Shanahan and Rebecca Fridman from Australia have provided SurePact with an opportunity to join a significant program assisting Queensland tech companies launch into the fastest growing state in the US.

According to Kevin Fisher, Chief Technology Advisor of WaterStart, “Queensland has developed a strong ecosystem for startups to get the resources and mentorship needed to commercialise, secure funding and grow their business. We could see a strong mix of established businesses as well as products in a growth phase. This shows a great future ahead for innovation companies to engineer the solutions we need in the water industry to safeguard this precious resource.”

Whilst in the US, Megan has also journeyed to San Francisco to meet with Trade and Investment Queensland – North America. Meeting with the Deputy Commissioner and Business Development Team here, Megan was able to expand that ever crucial business network and build further foundations towards the US launch of SurePact.

Accompanying Megan for his first trip to the US was her 80 year old father Lance, who was delighted to experience a helicopter ride over Hoover Dam and into the Grand Canyon, as well as soaking up the atmosphere of The Strip in downtown Las Vegas.

For further information or media enquiries please contact: Julie Sanderson, 0419 154 444 or julie.sanderson@surepact.com

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