WH&S another winner for Councils using SurePact Software

Birke Shire Council

Continual Improvement is a high priority for Burke Shire Council who have continued to shape best practice Work Health and Safety procedures. Part of their commitment to Work Health and Safety is ensuring the principles of ‘No task is more important than the health and safety of its workers’ and therefore ‘Work Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility’.

To continue to support these two principles, SurePact’s software provides significant time saving and compliance outcomes for Burke’s WH&S Co-ordinator, John Juniper and the teams that he works with.

‘Council has a proactive Health and Safety Culture and this approach is designed to maintain and achieve the safest results for its staff and the community’, John said. ‘The recent introduction of the SurePact software has given us another advantage in the WH&S area for the Council. This is a software built by someone who understands and it populates relevant WHS documentation to support the required compliance processes throughout the life cycle of the project and contracts that the Council delivers’, he said.

He said SurePact has made his job more manageable and given strong support with the delivery of WH & S compliance documents which has allowed him to be busy ‘on the ground’ rather than ‘stuck behind a desk’.

SurePact’s CEO, Megan Avard, said that ‘not only is our software a risk identification and mitigation SaaS solution for the delivery of contracts that provide improved project and procurement outcomes, we also have ensured other essential policy areas, such as Work Health and Safety are not forgotten. This is a pain point that we are committed to continue to develop to support ‘all’ of Councils delivery areas, especially our focus in supporting remote and regional Councils that are time and resource poor.’

‘One of the best things for me, John said, is that the SurePact software provides a strong emphasis on visibility, transparency and accountability that helps everyone in Council.’

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