In your world, time and money are everything. Get more of both with SurePact

Easily manage grant applications
Track revenue won or lost with ease
Generate instant reports for your business

You have manually made ends meet for years. SurePact lets you dump the spreadsheets to generate grant applications and reports fast.

Use SurePact’s customiseable dashboard to see the status of your grant applications, the revenue they bring in and the opportunities that don’t quite get over the line.

Break down the team barriers that have existed for years and get every player on the same page when it comes to recording, communicating and tracking the valuable insights and knowledge not-for-profits bank up year after year.

Save time, generate more grant opportunities, win more often – all with SurePact.

To transform the way your organisation funds its incredible work, talk to our team today.

Photo credit: CIAF 2019, Blueclick Photography