Deliver projects on time, to budget and with full compliance.

All your deliveries in one place
Reduce tendering timeframes
Real-time reporting and built-in analytics
Reduce risk
Connected teams

Management is essential to the success of any project. SurePact’s solution streamlines all project activities in one place, from the initial concept and business case to the tender stage and right through to close-out and asset realisation.

SurePact’s Project Management software provides a high-level overview of all the individual deliveries that make up a project from beginning to end, with a strong focus on transparency, visibility and accountability.

SurePact’s solution identifies all of the risks and contingency requirements associated with a project, with automated tasks and notifications throughout the workflow.

Built-in analytics and real-time reporting dashboards give project managers and their teams the data they need to reduce risks and allocate the right resources at the right times.

Project Owners, Managers and delivery teams trust the visibility, control, reduced risk and connected teams.  SurePact drives efficiency in project coordination, cost management, document management and field management.  

Client Testimonial

“We have a range of major projects on SurePact. SurePact allows for the communication, flow and progress of these projects to be accessible to all the key people who need that information instantly. The transparency of SurePact allows us to show the high standard of ethics and the quality risk analysis, WH&S accountability and procurement documentation of what we do.”
Sean Nicholson
Economic & Community Development Manager – Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council