Our bespoke


SurePact’s award-winning SaaS solution can deploy in less than a week with greater control over program costs, schedules and scope. Client tenancies can also support seamless implementation working with our Integration and Infrastructure team. Dovetailing into existing systems allows SurePact to be the interface for tracking grants, projects, and contracts across the entire enterprise in real-time.

We choose to not use implementation partners or resellers; we are your first and last point of truth. SurePact takes responsibility for creating our SaaS, building, marketing, implementing, training and supporting our enterprise solution for every customer to guarantee success and long-term relationships.


The SurePact team has decades of successful project, contract and risk management experience. You are supported continuously through flexible and trailored deployment methodology.

The SurePact deployment plan incorporates a broad range of tools, and with the SurePact unique software, identifies and manages:

This deployment detail significantly increases adoption and minimises risk, resulting in a higher return on investment and stronger users.


As part of the implementation program, tailored onsite and offsite training sessions are provided to users with all levels of experience, in addition to train-the-trainer sessions with current Super Users. SurePact provides a full training suite accessible from within the clients’ system in both static and interactive modules. These are accessible by all users and at their convenience.

Training sessions include:


The SurePact support team are also the developers, trainers and users. With a complete online library of ‘how-to’ documents and constantly updated FAQs, answers to your questions are at your fingertips. If you are looking for something else, those that assist you are based in Australia, with access to the experts in SurePact for every type of question.

Not only will our team help you, but they will also take on board ideas you have for changes and improvements for future software updates.

Advice – before planning any aspect of your organisation’s risk, project or contract management processes or acquisitions, speak with your SurePact representative. They will offer you clear advice on ways to maximise your future investment whilst simplifying processes for transparent, quality outcomes.

The SurePact team have a deep understanding of our client market. Streamlining implementation is just the beginning of the value we can add to your business.

SurePact engages the brightest project and data management team available. Their passion and energy are all geared to one thing: helping your organisation and community thrive.

We are genuinely passionate about making the risk, project and contract cycle cost and time effective for all our clients. As part of this, we are constantly identifying opportunities to make our system work better, through our clients’ feedback and the general market. We also find technologies, processes and innovations to share with our clients to help them succeed.

With professional team members who are here to help you through digital transformations and fundamental changes to the way you work, you can take advantage of our broader expertise by asking how SurePact can consult with you on your project and program delivery.

Organisations are continuously changing and embracing the digital revolution. The advanced SurePact SaaS transforms the way people do business and interact with their clients, communities and peers. Accessing strategic reporting and data anywhere, anytime, from any device not only saves time but makes for better decision making.

Device capabilities enhance the SurePact experience. Utilise your device’s camera, video and GPS to work as part of the SurePact suite of user interface directly to the system. Transform the way you manage projects, making the software familiar across all your devices.