Why SurePact?

Complete grant management features from pre-award to post-award

Whether you receive grant funding or provide funding, SurePact eliminates the manual juggle between grant teams, spreadsheets, and stakeholders when managing your grant money.

For grantmakers

Smooth out your application process​

Establish grant application requirements and forms, and customise review processes. Send your invitations and receive applications directly in SurePact.

One portal for repeat applicants​

Recipients applying for multiple grants get free access to submit their applications in SurePact. No more juggling multiple email threads and conversations.

Trust in the funds you’re allocating​

Disburse funding, track milestone reporting from grant recipients, and assess how the money is used in real-time.

For grant recipients

No more messy spreadsheets and confusion​

Track and manage the grants you receive from applications to everyday project tasks in one place.

Keep your grant application promises

Our risk profiling tool assesses grant opportunities realistically – before the money hits the bank.

Never wake up dreading acquittal time again

Effortlessly create reports segmented by grant or project for instant, painless acquittals.

You're in good company

In the first 8 months after implementing SurePact, a regional council in Queensland improved its bottom line by 15%.

  • The council has an annual budget of $23.5 million with an asset value of $135 million (FY 2018)
  • Achieved 15% savings on project delivery costs, time and scope blowouts
  • Three super users were provided training to continue internal support after hand-off

Integrate SurePact with existing tools​

SurePact can integrate to other systems like TechnologyOne, Open Office, Synergy Soft or Civica Authority. Use our open API to connect the dots between your funding, accounting, CRM, and business intelligence software.

We take data security seriously

Built on Microsoft Azure, SurePact takes every measure to ensure your data is protected from unauthorised access and breaches. Our software meets industry standards for security, including compliance with Australian government regulations. Use of single sign-on (SSO) with your Microsoft environment means easier logins with less security risk.

Instantly find the data you need with Ask SurePact

Ask SurePact is our unique AI-powered natural language search feature that fetches those last minute reports you need at lightning speed — all you have to do is ask.

Get your new grant management system up and running out-of-the-box.

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Dedicated onboarding support

Securely built on Microsoft Azure

SSO & WCAG 2.1 Compliant

See what SurePact can do for you

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