Why SurePact?

SurePact’s project management software is the hub for business efficiencies related to your project and contract delivery workflows and lifecycle. The risk management software provides enterprise-wide insights that help your business maximise value and minimise risk.

Our contract management software brings together configurable workflows for deliveries and integration capability with enterprise systems. Layer then with pre-built analytics to track performance metrics, helping track governance and compliance, measure actual spend against budget, calculate funding and procurement savings and know exactly where your organisation is in the delivery lifecycle.

The value with this information in real-time means your organisation can reduce risk by avoiding scope, time and cost blowouts and improve overall business processes and performance by identifying areas for future improvement. Most importantly, with SurePact your data is secure. Our platform is built on infrastructure that complies with the highest security standards to ensure secure transit and storage of your information.

“I believe SurePact’s Contract Management Software provides a value for money solution that addresses problems currently being experienced with contract overspend, timely delivery and the lack of visibility & reporting.”

David Murray – QLD Chief Engineer, DLGRMA

Why choose SurePact to manage your contract delivery risks?

Save on procurement

SurePact’s contract management software improves quality, compliance and transparency so you can track savings identified through all contract delivery stages.

Improve contract delivery times

Take full advantage of improved delivery times with the SurePact Contract Management software. Utilise strong governance workflows and mitigate early detection of potential problems.

Reduce tendering timeframes

SurePact gives you the tools to identify risks and contingency requirements early. Our intuitive software gives contractors laser-like accuracy and visibility of your contract risks.

Reduce variations

SurePact project management software not only provides robust risk identification and mitigation processes to reduce potential variations of your contract delivery, but has built-in master variation registers to track requests and approvals. This gives you the knowledge you need to take full control of all stages of your contract delivery.

Powerful dashboard reporting

SurePact dashboards gives all stakeholders strong data integrity immediately on any device. Track your updates and compounding risks in real-time updates via a single, controlled source of truth while increasing your delivery’s overall efficiency and accessibility.

Asset Management Register

Realise maximum value of the SurePact solution and its value with all closed out contracts automatically transferred into the Asset Management Software register to move your delivery through to the next lifecycle stage and full visibility of the organisation.

“SurePact’s Software facilitates communication and ensures that everyone is working off the same issues and solutions, in real-time, both back in the office and in the field, saving time and shortening turnaround of issue resolution”.

Michael Geoghegan – Director, Northern Civil Solutions

How do we do it?

Guided risk profiling and mitigation

Our project management software streamlines and identifies risk in project and contract delivery pre-procurement.  Your organisation has full visibility to manage and accept compounding risks from start to finish.

Clearly defined accountability

SurePact business rules allow full transparency, procurement compliance and maintain accountability for all stakeholders. Automated tasks and notifications through the workflow governance ensures immediate action and KPIs are met.

Collaborative risk acceptance

Eliminate approval delays with real-time alerts for all stakeholders. Receive immediate notifications to high-risk contracts and changes in delivery.

Transparent audit trail

Full access to all your deliveries for your entire organisation. Search instantly to view current status or access immediate reporting and utilisation of all projects and contracts.

Easy to use

Highly configurable and flexible, our project management system is easy to deploy. Design that will bring your organisation into the modern technology space with an intuitive user experience that is easy to use. Improve your business processes and be secure in approval workflows.

Collaborative Document Management

SurePact’s document automation ensures that all compliance documents are populated and housed within a project or contract assuring teams have the right documents to make the right decisions at the right time.